Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've lost it...

Ok so I haven’t blogged in a awhile and I haven’t been very aggressive about exercising and eating well.. I mean I haven’t gained weight (by some miracle) but at almost 6 months post op I thought I’d be in a better place. Doctor says my rate of loss is great but seeing such wonderful results elsewhere I kind of feel like I’m at a snails pace with this “weight loss journey”. So I feel like this is it! I’d hit my breaking point I will “STOP PROCRASTINATING” and continue on my path..the correct way…exercise and proper diet etc etc If I don’t I am deathly afraid of it all creeping back up again and all this is was for nothing..

SOO with that I did a quicky inspirational/motivational scrapbook page that will hopefully put some fire under my arse! I need it! All the magazine clippings were from the June 2009 SHAPE issue.. I have it dam it! I’ll do more that just wish those weight loss success stories will some day be me.. darn it! It WILL be me someday soon.

I’ve been so lax with project 365, I need to find the drive again I’ve been so blah lately..

New job is..well a new job..I still haven’t found my groove. I suppose I’ll get there eventually. School starts next week..Monday-Thursday what the hell did I sign up for?

Ta ta for to get some sleep!

Here’s to the start of a New Day…