Thursday, March 26, 2009

Card Making

I’m such a novice but I liked the idea of doing personalized cards for my friends and family for their birthdays..

My 1st card Cousin's b-day

Friends B-Day

and friends daughters B-Day

I just rented a new lens which is still in the trial phases this weekend I’ll go out and shoot and put it to the test & excuse the excessive bokeh

I went to get some lab work done today, I've been feeling really run down so I think I’m deficient in some sort of vitamin..i'll know more soon..

and still meat free for over a week, i've been doing just fine. Today I cut up a burger for Fenway and I swear the smell made me a lil queasy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DAY 2 on Veggie diet..

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

SO scale went down 1lb! Yippee..I think I did fine, Mike made popcorn chicken for himself for dinner and I wasn’t tempted in the least bit { duh Erica it was also Day 1} I did 18min of exercise walk/job type of video and I did walk at lunch time yesterday and today. Tomorrow I’ll bring my pedometer and see how much im walking exactly, so im slowly trying to incorporate the exercise a lil at a time..

For dinner I made my concoction, tasted fabulous and today I added black beans and corn to my sald with goat cheese and for some “crunch” I threw in a handful of Cheez-its so maybe not the healthiest salad topping but hey it works LOL

Tonight Im thinking sauté spinach with garlic and some sort of bean.

Now off to a raffle and see if im a lucky winner!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 1 of no meat!

Ok so I’ve decided to try and go meat free aka vegetarian I’m not to eat anything that had a mom.. Im still on the fence on where eggs stand LOL

So day 1, I had goat cheese and mandarin salad..with balsamic vinaigrette.. SOO good! Heres a pic of whats left..

If nothing else happens today this will be my photo of the day lol Dinner I have a black bean & quinoa concoction recipe in my head..

I’ve been bit my the craft bug, not sure if it’s because it’s national craft month or something like that but I want to be creative. I made a card for my cousin’s birthday and im working on a card for my friend and my other friend’s daughter. I’ll repost my cousins card pic when I get home its too cute and I think not to shabby for a 1st timer LOL

I haven’t lost in awhile but I haven’t gained either. Im vowing to cut out harmful foods & meats just for a month lets see how it goes this girly here can not ever have her hubs awesome burgers ever again..

Can’t wait for the grill to be and running again.. ::drool:: wait should be thinking about meat when im trying to give it up?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


OK I posted step back..viewed my blog.. WTF is wrong with me? Eating chicken fingers & fries for lunch? I had white castle yesterday.. OMG I see me going down a downward spiral and I at least this time have the wherewithal to catch myself..OMG I NEED A SALAD for dinner LOL!!

Ok just a lil side mental correction..


Get back on track!! Food is not your friend..

Ok ok thee end this time..

Latest News..

Ok so I don’t feel much like the dam Zoloft blob lately..thats cause I have stress blotches on my face to worry about! Ughh I so don’t handle stress dam passive demeanor cant handle this much worry! LOL

I keep thinking it’ll all be ok, well get through this it’s just a bump in our road, we too shall overcome. But dam were getting hit left & right..just breathe and hope for the best.

Thank goodness for :

And I want a total career change.. LOL maybe this is the push I needed to get out of this “arena” and do something rewarding! Either way I hope things get better for everyone currently experience the stresses of these economic times.