Monday, February 15, 2010

I love sales!

I have to edit my Saturday & Sunday POTD..I'm not ready for my Project Life Tuesday post!

In the mean time, I want to share our awesome finds today! We went out today in search of furniture president's day sales! We needed a new bedroom set for guest room and a smaller dinette set as the one we have now is too big.

Our adventure began in Ashley furniture, we found some nice pieces and affordable too, got ready to order {had to be rushed} and they were back ordered. Bummer! We needed them no later than next Monday. So we headed to Raymour & Flanigan, this store tends to be a bit pricey but hubby said we should give it a try. So glad we did!

I love the dinette set, its small cute and perfect.

The bedroom set is really nice and will look great with the bedding I bought for a steal the day after Christmas in Macy's. I'm so excited, the guestroom will look so cute. All I need is a lamp and the room is complete! Once everything is settled I'll do a home tour. I like having pics of all the places we lived in thus far...

Valentine's day was awesome, we packed! =)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The tale of the broken shovel…

It was quite the snowmageddon here in NJ yesterday. We went out to dig out car (well mine anyway) and make paths to walk the pups, well in the mist of shoveling Mikes beloved shovel broke! LOL I was in my car when this happened and I laughed so much my frozen cheeks hurt. As the day goes by my ever fretful hubby can’t let things go, he is determined to clear out the driveway so his precious “Mindy” can get him to work. Well, at 8pm he gets the great idea of walking to the local Kmart not a far walk, but when you add a foot a snow it can be tricky. So I gear up for our adventure..we get to the lot to see that they are CLOSED. You would think it would have dawned on us to call ahead to make sure they were open. .. so we make it back without a shovel.

Oh this is something I will NOT miss when we move to GA. So here it is blogged for our amusement years down the road…


Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love free...

My free canvas from came today, all I did was pay for shipping and it's truly great quality! This is my Valentine's Day present for my mommy. It's a picture of my lil brother and I, with her on X-Mas eve.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Its seriously christmas for me over here...

Like seriously!!

After being on a wait list for over a year and having a hubby with fast fingers I got into The Photographers Workshop! I have admired Karen Russell's work ever since I got my Canon and I am so excited to get to learn how to use my camera to its maximum capabilities!! I had butterflies in my stomach and the anticipation was killing me.. so excuse me while I go do the dance of joy..


Love is in the air...

What is it about the start of February that makes everyone more lovey dovey? I have enjoyed seeing peoples blogs take on a love theme…it inspired me to work on Hubbys Valentine’s Day card. Since we were dating, I made sure we never bought our cards that we’d make our own Valentine’s Day cards, every year hubby surprises me with the cards he creates out of my scrapbooking supplies. I finished mine 2 weeks early! Woohoo! So my photo of the day is the card.. in the envelope as he reads my blogs..{so neener neener you won’t be seeing the actual card Mike! =P}
Hope everyone has a wonderful February!