Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Chloe!

We started our adventure at 9am!! We drove 3hrs to play and cuddle with our new addition! Chloe!

She is absolutely sweet and such a cutie!! She is only 3 weeks old so we can’t take her home till end of October. I enjoyed our road trip there and back; I crocheted, read and napped whilst hubby drove. I love all the corn we saw…and pumpkin stands..Autumn is here..woohoo!

Here are some corn pics and some of our Cutie!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reunited and fell in love all in the same day..

Spent the day with an old and dear friend..Missed the heck out of her! I’ll save the sob story, but she was my original maid of honor then she bailed on me and stopped talking to me, she had her reasons and I don’t hold a grudge. Well we were reunited today and went shopping and had lunch, it was truly awesome to spend your day with someone you’ve been friends with since you were 14. I love my friends now, but nothing can replace the history with someone. I love her and her hubby and I’m glad we are reunited again.. =)
On our trips..we went to Bed Bath and I fell for this quilt.. it is soo lovely and the colors are just so pretty! I am absolutely in love..

Oh and Hello Dear were missed.. <3


Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally finish the 1st project for my autumn class. It’s a mini album for our new puppy Chloe. We hope to have her by the end of October and will choose a puppy as soon as couple#1 does…I hate waiting and I always look at the 3 pics I have and wonder which one will finally be ours..I do have my heart set on one in particular but I don’t want to have her be the one #1 chooses so I’m just saying I love all 3 and would welcome either one to our ohana.


Friday, September 18, 2009

So forget the granny..

I made a yo-yo!
This is the cover to my RVA project mini album for our new puppy Chloe..I hope to finish by the weekend, the cover is so cute even hubs liked it! I’m proud!


Thursday, September 17, 2009


My day did not start out so great, I guess I should provide a back story. In May, I started working at this company who was a customer or mine when I worked for will call it Spiky Electronics. I was working at Spiky since September 2007 as a long term temp, I just got married and needed to be out of NYC to spend time with my husband. So I took this assignment and it was the best job I’ve ever had, I mean I’ve worked at places since I was 17, not once did I ever feel truly happy and comfortable till I meet these wonderful people, even my bosses were the epitome of awesome, so I’m sure your all asking..WHY DID YOU LEAVE!!! Ha well, remember I mentioned it was a long term temp assignment and when the economy went sour the company had to start with cutbacks, and their first was to get rid of all contract employees, and sadly that’s where I fell under. I was given notice that we were going to be let go end of April, so I started looking yet still holding out hopes that a position would open up so I can apply. Well, through the grapevine my former ex boss got wind of my situation and asked me to interview, with the way the job market was I went ahead with the interview. Interview #1, went well they liked me and I had a bad vibe, just this gut feeling that ehh maybe not for me. (In hindsight, WHY DIDN’T I LISTEN TO MY GUT!!!) So I kindly declined offer, long story got a lil shorter, she pursued, made a great offer and I went ahead as I didn’t want to regret an opportunity knowing I was about to be out of a job. Fast forward, present day..I was let go Aug 27, (best thing ever!) but now they look like they are saying things to affect my unemployment benefits, so this way my day didn’t start off so great! I’m not 100% sure of the status, I apparently have to wait, but just knowing that they can be so messed up and interfere with someone getting benefits on such a flailing economy is beyond me, however does put in prospective the caliber of company I worked for. So I am definitely glad to be Free of them and looking forward to better and brighter things! =)

Things to look forward to:

RVA Class- Got some cute things for Chloe’s mini album, will most likely work on tomorrow as hubs will be home late.

Chloe- lil girl puppy we are going to pick out Monday and bring home end of October as she is only 2 weeks old..plenty of pics come Monday evening.

Embracing change, and exercise and a healthy lifestyle..minus hubbys birthday cake snafu.

And new season os awesome shows that my poor DVR can’t keep up with..

Looking forward to life =)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So today was hubby’s birthday, this morning he refused to admit he was 28, then said he wasn’t 28 till 8:45PM..My love is a giant baby. I baked him one of his favorite cakes, “Funfetti”. We went to Fridays as his celebration dinner, it was dee-lish! So I went off the diet for this day, but it was his special day, I should at least join in the revelry. I had a drink, a wild berry sangria..OMG! I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage in awhile, this drink was amazing. I had to pace myself before I ordered another LOL However, it felt nice to get ID’d, being newly 29 has hit me hard, I feel old and I feel behind. Like I should have accomplished so much more, but that’s for another post …I’m 29 and can never order a drink without being ID’d that is just awesome!
He made me sing Happy Birthday twice, as the 1st go he didn’t blow out all his candles mind you I only put 3 on as it was all we had. SO then I sang again and he had some trouble LOL My old geezer! =0)
So on this day 28 years ago, the love of my life was born..
Happy Birthday Pookster!! =0)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RVA Project #1

I’ll be doing this project this weekend, I’m still trying to finish my planner, and I do have my concept. I will be doing a mini album for our new puppy Chloe; we will be picking her out on Monday and won’t be taking her home till end of Oct. Can’t wait to have our new addition Fenway needs a sister! Since I’m flooded with concepts I’m going to go work on that!! My Mojo its back..yippee.. =0)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

An official football widow…

My Hubby got his birthday present a few days early, a PS3 and MADDEN I bought him a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen him since =0( He is soo lucky I got my RVA planner today and have been busy assembling what will be the cutest planner I have ever owned! Seriously, if you need a cute and totally customizable planner look no further! The possibilities are endless and you’re only limited by your imagination! I went to a craft store to get felt to make a cover, and went to Home Depot and got the cutest contact paper that goes so well with the cute planner sections Elsie provides. I also got an idea to add behind every month a section for pics, and what pics will fit totally perfect there?? Why a Fuji Intanx mini!!! It will be cute to kinda do a mini version of my project 365, I haven’t taken dailies since May =0( so an Intsanx will make me want to fill that months section with a few pics to always remember that particular month…=) Now to convince the hubs I desperately need this camera..A lil Madden guilt trip will be in order!! LOL I hope to be done with my planner tomorrow, I will post plenty o pics! Hope everyone is having a smashing weekend..its kinda dreary here but I got to wear my Uggs and a hoodie today so I am in heaven!! =)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Where for art thou Mojo?

"Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working." - Picasso

I really want to tap into my creative side..Whatever that may be{or wherever it may be right now}..I see so many wonderful creations all around me and I have these thoughts & visions but yet it’s like I start but never follow through. I don’t want to have a bunch of unfinished projects around, I want things to start and end something wonderfully! I bought some crochet supplies to get me started, and the damn elusive granny square is really annoying, it looks so simple yet so hard to learn. I swear I will learn, I found my local craft store has a class next weekend so I’ll try to attend and hopefully complete a square..all I want is one lil complete square.

This is why I signed up for the RVA Autumn Class, I can’t wait to craft under the talented girls of RVA..So in a week I’ll be having the mojo back.. its currently just percolating.. hee hee hee


Monday, September 7, 2009

Toughest Decisions..

Here are the 3 females from my breeders litter..I’m second in line so I have to wait till couple #1 decides on theirs in 2 weeks. Hubby wants #2 I love #3 and her Haggerty Spot…we shall see which we end up giving a forever home..Fenway needs a sister!
Without further are my choices..see what I mean tough decisions! They are all adorable balls of cuteness!!

Possible Spoiled Princess Candidate #1

Possible Spoiled Princess Candidate #2

Possible Spoiled Princess Candidate #3

I picked Fenway cause I loved how he had 1 black leg and 1 white..#1 & #3 also have this trait but #3 also has the Haggerty Spot which is cute and has a breed history behind it. Not only do we have to decide on one of these cuties I have to decide on name..I like LeeLoo and Chloe..I'll take suggestions as well =)


Motivation Monday!!

This week’s installation will be RAINBOWS!! I just love seeing them and have never been able to get a decent photo myself..thank goodness for Flickr and their many gorgeous photos!
I love the colors..the way they just meld together I can stare at them for hours! I’m really all about colors lately and I’m trying to keep myself from going crazy in my living room redo…Rainbow Brite’s essence will not be in my living room! I mean I personally wouldn’t mind but the hubs would!

I <3 NY!

And of course a lovely rainbow granny square blanket =)

Rainbows+Starbucks(Pumpkin Spice Latte)= LOVE!!

Just Too CUTE!!

Thanks for looking and being motivated..pun very much intended!! =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog Face lift...

I love my new layout! It’s a mess of different things and coffee is the constant …there in the corner..fueling the passion..just like it does for me!

Enjoy the new layout! =)


How to crochet! Someone teach me!!
I’m going tomorrow to get some supplies that I’ll need for the RVA class..I can’t wait to learn different techniques.
Being the goodly housewife has been quite interesting. I get to clean and cook for the hubs, im glad he is able to devote more time into studying for his certifications and hopefully free up our weekends so we can do things. Im still awaiting to hear from the breeder, Fenway’s sister should be born any day now. We are up in the air about a name..first I wanted Chloe, but now I like Leeloo =( decisions decisions! I’ll wait till she is born and we see her lil face to make a final decision.
Here is a GOREGOUS afghan on flickr. The colors are so rich and bright!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chilly weather can only mean one thing!!!

Fall is HERE!! Ok well not entirely here but pretty darn close with the chilly weather we are experiencing.
What does fall mean to you?
Fall means Uggs and hats and just be snuggly with the hubs!
For my birthday my awesome Mommy bought me the new Uggs in Fig.. seriously LOVE THEM!

Now I want a hat and etsy makes it HARD to decide from the many beautifully crafted hats available…here are some of my favs:

is that not the cutest owl ever!!

Love the colors!