Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post of OHH NINE!!!!

It snowed today! What a wonderful way to end the year with crisp clean air and freezing puppies =)

Hubby and I will just be home today, a quiet evening with some bubbly!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So glad we got her..

my lil puppy is getting big her puppy ears are almost gone..she has added to this family in so many ways and i'm so happy we decided to expand LOL

Love our Chloe <3 <3


Monday, December 21, 2009

Memorable moments of 2009

I live for nights that start like this..

and end like this...


Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's really gonna happen...

Today we got an official quote from the mover..who knew moving 851 miles away is soooo expensive.. Still no official move date but at least we know what its gonna cost. Kinda weird to have a stranger poke around your stuff and categorize it for you.

I <3 Snow..I can't wait to take pics tomorrow!! =0)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Color of my 2009!

Lets thank Janels post for this inspiration!

My 2009 was totally Purple!

I went bonkers for a purple bag, wallet shirt I coveted Anthropology purple shoes..It was my favorite color and i was never a purple person.. I wonder what 2010 will inspire?

Isn't Purple the prettiest?? (images from weheartit)


Monday, December 14, 2009

i'm backkk...

We had a great time and now back home.. =)

We def loved it and so going back..

Finished the tree..

with a special helper..


Sunday, November 29, 2009

♪♫"Oh Xmas tree...Oh Xmas tree.."♪♫

I promise you shall be dressed soon enough.. =)

My nekkid Tree!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks 2009!

I wanted to make a list of what I am thankful for this year..

1. My wonderful hubby

2. My adorable puppies…

3. My band LOL

4. My friends

5. My family

6. Love..


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Adornment #1

Fall is offically on its way out the door..the trees are no longer vibrant tones of red and organge, they are dark and reminding us that something pretty is on its way.. SNOW.. Well hopefully not a lot this year, I sincerely loathe the snowy weather, then again the reason why I loathe the snow was because I hate driving in it..hey I have no where to be “LET IT SNOW!!”

This years Holiday d├ęcor will be jewel tree will have lively tones of blue, purple and fuschia and citrine..I can not wait to get that underway! I did another RVA class project, my Holiday wreath. Im so proud of it, Im not a crafty crafter. My usual craft medium is PAPER crafts, scrapbooking & card making..deleving into this handmade unknown since joining the class was a great experience, yet I have A LOT to learn and develop skill set wise but the experience in itself was awe-inspiring.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stimpy where have you been???

Since hubbys parents are moving we had to get the remains of Mikes room from his parents house. Item I had left there was Stimpy! Stimpy has some history behind him. My best friend M and I used to work together and we sat next to each other, we would often refer to ourselves as Ren (her) and Stimpy(me). When we found these dolls we had them on our desk..and when I was let go she gave me Stimpy. This dates back to 2002, so we go way back LOL Just recently she asked if I still had him and I knew he was around I just didn’t know he is found and will remain insight I hope! I love finding little treasures!

PS- Also found Xmas decor from our 1st place... =)


Peculiar penchant for the odd…

On our way to and from my in-laws I saw these bill boards… plain white bedding 2 pillow looks like a typical unmade bed.

I was drawn to these billboards for whatever reason..I like weird art..I originally thought it was those secretive marketing ploys... SO thanks to the power of the internet I was enlightened to the history and reasoning behind these different billboards strewed about NYC.
Story’s a compilation of contemporary art from the Flag Art foundation.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy Rainy Saturday!

Today we went to NY as my in-laws are moving and I wanted to see their new place and my hubbys aunt was having a Tastfully Simple party. I ordered a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t have but…my 1 purchase that I just had to have was “Oh my Chai” was delicious! Ever since I was introduced to it many moons again I searched high and low for an at home mix that would equal the deliciousness of the DD one. I found it! So glad I found it!
In relation to JUST HAD TO HAVE purchases of the day, me on the GWB checking my email from my Iphone when I get an email blast that Project Life was for sale…I got panic stricken LMAO See I wanted the Project 365 Kit so badly and it sold out so fast I was so afraid of them selling out I NEED this kit! LMAO so I’m on the GWB reasoning with myself internally should I ordered something using my cell phone? Like how safe is that? My hubby a network engineer was of course steadfast against me entering CC info but dam I NEEDED this kit I didn’t want a repeat of last year so I said F it! I’m doing it because I knew I would not be near a PC for till NOW 9:30pm. So against his wishes I ordered my Project Life Kit and will be eagerly awaiting its arrival in 8 weeks or so.. For more info check out here if you’re into daily pictures this kit is for you!

Also, life with 2 dogs is proving to be the best decision we made. Yeah its rough having to walk 2 separately as Chloe isn’t walking like Fenway does on a leash but when she is older it’s going to be fun. They appear to be absolutely smitten with each other and like today while we were in NY I dropped off Chloe at my moms, he smelled her and wanted to play with her ASAP. Love my puppies…

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She is here...


This lil ball of fun has been keeping me entertained and up at night... She is adjusting well into our family and im so glad we got her!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mini update..

My apologies for being MIA again, so stressed with this unemployment thing and life in general!! I forget how cathartic blogging can be! This time next week we should have our Chloe here! I can’t wait! We bought her essentials and this weekend we are getting her bowls and some toys and a toy for Fenway as I don’t want to make him feel remotely jealous. He will always be my lil boy! He will officially be 2 years old on 10/29; I hope to get Chloe that day or latest Friday.

I decided to make a present for my friend's baby shower tomorrow. She and her hubby have that rock star edge and I couldn’t find anything for newborns that wasn’t blue bunnies and teddy bears. So I designed my own oneies for baby J. Not bad for a 1st time around..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Chloe!

We started our adventure at 9am!! We drove 3hrs to play and cuddle with our new addition! Chloe!

She is absolutely sweet and such a cutie!! She is only 3 weeks old so we can’t take her home till end of October. I enjoyed our road trip there and back; I crocheted, read and napped whilst hubby drove. I love all the corn we saw…and pumpkin stands..Autumn is here..woohoo!

Here are some corn pics and some of our Cutie!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reunited and fell in love all in the same day..

Spent the day with an old and dear friend..Missed the heck out of her! I’ll save the sob story, but she was my original maid of honor then she bailed on me and stopped talking to me, she had her reasons and I don’t hold a grudge. Well we were reunited today and went shopping and had lunch, it was truly awesome to spend your day with someone you’ve been friends with since you were 14. I love my friends now, but nothing can replace the history with someone. I love her and her hubby and I’m glad we are reunited again.. =)
On our trips..we went to Bed Bath and I fell for this quilt.. it is soo lovely and the colors are just so pretty! I am absolutely in love..

Oh and Hello Dear were missed.. <3


Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally finish the 1st project for my autumn class. It’s a mini album for our new puppy Chloe. We hope to have her by the end of October and will choose a puppy as soon as couple#1 does…I hate waiting and I always look at the 3 pics I have and wonder which one will finally be ours..I do have my heart set on one in particular but I don’t want to have her be the one #1 chooses so I’m just saying I love all 3 and would welcome either one to our ohana.