Friday, October 23, 2009

Mini update..

My apologies for being MIA again, so stressed with this unemployment thing and life in general!! I forget how cathartic blogging can be! This time next week we should have our Chloe here! I can’t wait! We bought her essentials and this weekend we are getting her bowls and some toys and a toy for Fenway as I don’t want to make him feel remotely jealous. He will always be my lil boy! He will officially be 2 years old on 10/29; I hope to get Chloe that day or latest Friday.

I decided to make a present for my friend's baby shower tomorrow. She and her hubby have that rock star edge and I couldn’t find anything for newborns that wasn’t blue bunnies and teddy bears. So I designed my own oneies for baby J. Not bad for a 1st time around..

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