Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bigger Loser Premier

I know this season will be hard if I already started crying within the first 8mins it started! Sorry people I’m a sappy girl.
I ate chicken for the 1st time last night cooked by my hubs, it was delicious and it went down with no problems.
I’m patiently awaiting my Disney scrapbooking stuff so I man begin my project. I’m so excited! Also I really wanna do Project 365, but the kit is sold out I think I’ll recreate it’s an awesome concept and with the changes coming ahead for me in 2009 I’ll definitely appreciate this project come December 31st.
I’m off to finish watching the biggest loser..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

The Holidays were great for the hubs and I. I managed not to gain weight and lose 3lbs! Yippee! Im eating mushy foods with the occasional regular well chewed food every now and again. This year I want to officially mark my resolutions. I always say them in my head but never make them official. Well today is the day, I don’t have a huge list just a few minor adjustments to make and hopefully, {no wait scratch that!!} definitely keep.

2009 Resolutions
1. Lose Weight
(Aha you say sure EVERYONE says that..BUT not everyone has had weight loss surgery 3 weeks ago!)
My band will work for me and I will work to loose my excess weight for good!
Yeah im sooo disorganized at times..so my chaos will know be a well organized chaos!
3. Finish projects I start.
Im really good at getting an idea and never really quite following it through..I believe I owe my husband our dating scrapbook and would love to make a wedding one as well.

That’s pretty much it, not bad right?