Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a Boston Terrier thing...

My friend sent me a text that she saw Chloe in a store..said store was Urban Outfitters and this was "Chloe"..can I say I acquired my own in 3hrs..there is only 3 UO in the state of Georgia! Thankfully we were going to be by one in Atlanta this afternoon..I think it was meant to be..She is soo cute! Her name is Luna! :) Meet our latest addition!


30 by 30 {week 6}

Dear Scale,

Thanks for the big F-U! LOL I am sadden by the lack of change, its exactly 236.6 this morning..I wanted to throw the scale against the wall! But alas, I will take it as encouragement to work even harder this coming week. For the sake of my scale it better show a change next Sunday or its flying off the terrace! I did so much work and monitored my calories, I'm also expecting my time of month so hopefully that's where the delay is. I think I'm going back to low carb for a week or 2 to just kick start and budge this 236 plateau. I've always been successful with low carb just hard to stick to, but I never tried it since surgery so I'll see how well it fairs.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Its nice and sunny here!! Can't wait to be outside! :)


Friday, April 23, 2010

Another edition to Fitness Friday...

All week I've had this drive to exercise, I've done something every single day since Monday. Since my hubs wasn't so cooperative to go hit the trail with me I went to the gym that's here in my complex. In doing so, I noticed I work a lot harder when I'm there alone. Mon & Tues I sweated my butt off and actually did interval jogging. Wednesday I did an at home video and yesterday I went with the full intention of doing more jogging less walking but alas that was halted when a man was on the elliptical behind me. I know its stupid but I just couldn't bring myself to jog and let that person witness my jiggly bits going 5MPH LMAO!! So I did 45mins at 3.5-4mph a brisk powerwalk and then I did the elliptical myself for 15 minutes.

Today, I did my personal best, 4.02 miles in 55mins. I did it at home, to a walk away the pounds dvd. One piece of technological equipment anyone trying to lose weight needs (that owns an Ipod Nano or Iphone) is the Nike+ sensor and Nike+ sneakers. This little device has been keeping tabs for me. I love seeing what I burn, especially at this point when I been cheating and getting on the scale every morning and seeing absolutely no change since Sunday..seriously like my weight refuses to budge its like 254 all over again, I was stuck at 254 for months! I mean I didn't do much to get out of it but nonetheless it was stuck there for awhile. I need to get past this 236, I wanna see 22something ASAP. So I hope its just waiting for my big whoosh..I drink water like a mad woman and for the past 2 days I've been monitoring every morsel I put in my mouth just to assure that I'm not going over calories wise. This is my 1st week of putting in 110% effort in exercise, I do hope to see a change on the scale this Sunday. My workout for today below, 716 calories burned and gone foreva!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

30 by 30 {Week 5}

Todays Weight: 236.6

A little late with posts but hey, at least I'm here! Ive had the busiest weeks since week 1 started. Happy to report at week 5 I'm down 4.2lbs! Not bad considering, while the in-laws were here we ate out almost every night and I had milkshakes and crap food galore! This past week we've started walking a trail that is near us, totaling 4miles. Love the feeling of being outdoors and the 1hr walk goes by so quickly. I'm even dabbling in jogging intervals and I love it. I didn't think I'd be too keen on jogging but its very exhilarating and takes your mind off of things and lets you just focus on running and breathing, its kinda like meditation. I'm trying not to over do it so we've taken a break but I do wanna go out there today, its nice and cool. Perfect for a leisurely stroll or jogging like a duck. My husband says I look like a duck when I run, isn't he the BEST!

25.8Lbs to go!!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crafting Nirvana!

My Scrapbox has finally been assembled and ready for me to add all my lovely goodies!

Looks like a regular hutch....

and then TADA!!!!!

Crafting Nirvana has been achieved!!! I love this thing, solved my crafting space issue, I wanted my guest room to be a true guest room but I also needed my nook..this was the answer I needed! A definite PITA to assemble, but worth it! I'd like to thank my awesome hubby who assembled all on his own..I added the tote basket thingys..I now need a manicure! :)


Dear Diary Moment at its best...

I haven't blogged in so long, mainly cause I was busy with preparations for the In-Laws visit and then while they were here I was super busy, I just managed to eek out my project life posts!

And, I was literally smacked with some really really weird news. Practically overnight my family tree sprouted 30 limbs! Ok, I'm exaggerating a tad but my mom got in contact with my real father. Turns our I have a bunch of siblings and a niece. They live in FL. I spoke to him for the 1st time ever last week and I'm still just trying to take this info in. I was always knew, well I knew at age 12 or so that my dad was not my real father. I just never had the impulse to look for my real father because my mom was more than enough parent to handle the role and then some. I'm excited to finally have some closure on that chapter in my life. In addition to the closure, I have a sister with some resemblance, and I have more funny brothers! It will be interesting to see what will come of all this.

GA is still flippin awesome, minus the bees and the ridiculous pollen count everything would be fantastic!

I swear 30 by 30 is still on just haven't taken pics of scale. I am down 4+ lbs so far! On Sunday I'll do an official post!