Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 by 30 {week 6}

Dear Scale,

Thanks for the big F-U! LOL I am sadden by the lack of change, its exactly 236.6 this morning..I wanted to throw the scale against the wall! But alas, I will take it as encouragement to work even harder this coming week. For the sake of my scale it better show a change next Sunday or its flying off the terrace! I did so much work and monitored my calories, I'm also expecting my time of month so hopefully that's where the delay is. I think I'm going back to low carb for a week or 2 to just kick start and budge this 236 plateau. I've always been successful with low carb just hard to stick to, but I never tried it since surgery so I'll see how well it fairs.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Its nice and sunny here!! Can't wait to be outside! :)


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