Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Diary Moment at its best...

I haven't blogged in so long, mainly cause I was busy with preparations for the In-Laws visit and then while they were here I was super busy, I just managed to eek out my project life posts!

And, I was literally smacked with some really really weird news. Practically overnight my family tree sprouted 30 limbs! Ok, I'm exaggerating a tad but my mom got in contact with my real father. Turns our I have a bunch of siblings and a niece. They live in FL. I spoke to him for the 1st time ever last week and I'm still just trying to take this info in. I was always knew, well I knew at age 12 or so that my dad was not my real father. I just never had the impulse to look for my real father because my mom was more than enough parent to handle the role and then some. I'm excited to finally have some closure on that chapter in my life. In addition to the closure, I have a sister with some resemblance, and I have more funny brothers! It will be interesting to see what will come of all this.

GA is still flippin awesome, minus the bees and the ridiculous pollen count everything would be fantastic!

I swear 30 by 30 is still on just haven't taken pics of scale. I am down 4+ lbs so far! On Sunday I'll do an official post!


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