Friday, March 26, 2010

Fitness Friday for me!!

Today just felt like a good day to be extra healthy and fit! It may be after the slippery slope I was in yesterday. I had a slice of cake {gasp!!} and a scoop of Ice Cream with naughty bits in it {blasphemy!} I was a lil upset with myself last night like why did I have such urges for sugary treats?! Looked at my calendar and was like "oh!" that's why. So today I started my day with Cheerios and after a HOUR LONG 4 Mile workout I had a salmon burger with fresh basil from my lil herb garden topped with a little bit of tzatziki sauce(greek yogurt yummyness). It took me 30 mins or so to finish. It felt really satisfying to eat slow and savor every lil bite. Since I couldn't finish it the pups enjoyed it too.

I hope the pending monthly visitor doesn't affect my weigh-in this Sunday!


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