Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perfect end to an Awesome day!

Hubs and I went food shopping and now I end my night with Ice Cream..

and ironically watching Biggest Loser LOL

hey at least it's diet..

Lucky 8's!

I have a slight obession with 8's. Case in point, Birthday 8/8/80 My brother and I are 8 years and 8 days apart.. I always win with 8 on roulette table! Mike & I won $80 on Crazy 8's scratch off tickets..

I read this list on Janel's blog and I must say I just had to play along..

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
* My Birthday on 8/8
* Scale every week
* finally being “healthy”
* Finally meeting more of Mike’s family only 2 years after we are married LOL
* Biggest Loser finale
* Fringe
* getting Fenway a sister…
* Summer!!
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
* Blog
* Rent a kick @$$ lens
* laundry
* walk Fenway
* research textbooks $ for summer classes
* Watch Gossip Girl
* Watch One Tree Hill
* Sleep!
8 Things I Wish I Could do:
* Exercise more
* travel
* scrap
* spend the day taking pictures
* roll my R’s..
* fold my tongue
* make tiramisu I swear I just cant I gave up!
* knit
8 Shows I Watch:
* Biggest Loser
* Fringe
* America's Next Top Model
* Gossip Girl
* 30 Rock
* Family Guy
* Food Network shows/challenges
* Harpers Island
8 Favorite Fruits:
* Bananas
* Apples
* Strawberries
* Mango
* Blueberries
* Raspberries
* Grapes
* Coconut
8 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
* Tahiti
* Bora Bora
* French Polynesia ..see the trend? Get the hint Mike? LOL
* Puerto Rico
* Italy
* Greek Islands
* Australia
* Niagara Falls
8 Places I’ve Lived:
* 26th ST Union City, NJ
* Jersey City
* 14th ST Union City, NJ
* 12th ST Union City, NJ
* 42nd ST Union City, NJ
* Dorm, Montclair, NJ
* Hackensack NJ
* and now Lodi, NJ

Thanks for starting my day off with my lucky number!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Blahs..

Blah because I rather be home taking pictures than here knowing its my final days.. and its end of month and it’s really nice out so..why be here?

This weekend was pretty uneventful, we did errands and sorted the massive laundry heap we had collecting. Today we swear we will get to it..plus I believe Mike is low on underoos so I think it’s a definite laundry day.

I decided to rent another lens, this time my reasoning is Mike’s grandma’s surprise birthday party on Saturday. That and I love any reason to experiment with a new lens..

I rented the Canon 85mm EF f/1.2L II, its supposed to take amazing portraits and the pictures I’ve seen with this lens are amazing, plus with a price tag upwards of $1800 it better take amazing pictures. At first I was skeptical to rent a lens that is almost 4X the cost of the camera..however I rented the 85MM f/1.8 for Easter and just loved the results that at F/1.2 my shots should be fantastic. I’ve recruited my friend to be my test subject on this lens Thursday evening. Her apartment is decorated in a way to set an awesome vintage boudoir vibe to this “photo shoot”. I can’t wait to see what wonderful shots come about from Thursday!

Friday, April 24, 2009


See what happens when the creativity starts it cant be shut off..

SOO I decided to do a collage of the various pet names some of us have here at the office because I need to leave a lil remembrance momento..so im thinking a collage of the random names they call me/I call them..OMG it will be funny to put these into a picture and combine them all.. SO now I’ll add dollar tree to my places to go for some 4x6 frames..

Another post-it to add in my purse..

Also on my mind, to Tweet or not to Tweet?

Photojojo love..

This site has so many gadgets I need..err..want. The white balance lens cap? An essential! Don’t need another Easter Sunday debacle searching for a "white" background so I can adjust my white balance..because I refuse to take pictures any other way now! And the wall decal frames..what a better way to decorate without punching holes in my dear landlords walls.

So many items… so little $..LOL

Im enjoying chicken corn soup from Jung Lung..im sure that’s not how its spelled but that’s how we say it.. OMG my last Jung Lung lunch!

So im inspired to do Julians 1st Birthday card..I have an idea going I even sketched it on a post-it so I wont get home and have lost my mojo..as I type im putting in my purse cuz I know I’ll forget! And thanks to modern technology I took a pic and will upload in the event I loose said post-it

..and yes my doodle skills are extremely juvenile.. but whatever! It was a quick jot while on phone..

Im leaving at 4pm in approx 2 hrs! I want to start my card! And I think we need to finally add some curtains to the office/craft room..I’ll be researching for those as well..

Ok ta-ta for now! Enjoy your Friday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching Up..Busy April!

OMG I haven’t “blogged” in like forever, well in what seems like forever to me.. So much has happened..

Oh I’ll try to be as chronological as possible, I turned down a possible job prospect back when I was told March 31 would be D-Day..cause then they said D-Day would be June and that I can possible filling for someone on Mat Leave June-November so I would be guaranteed a job till at least November..I was, er am happy here..but well I thinks its funny how 1 lil simple call can impact your life..

The lady from new job called and made an offer, I thought about it, counter offered, I felt for a brief moment I was on “Deal or no deal” LOL I got what I asked for..I think I made a good deal..I start May 4th, entirely new position, I mean in a sense it’s similar to what I do now, but in a different function as now I’ll be working as a vendor not the manufacturer, I had to tell my company where I was going as our paths will most diffently cross, they are happy for me but sad to see me go, bittersweet moment for me as well. Love the hell out of my co-workers and managers but well I need stability for my family and peace of mind for myself.

Ok so I covered new job, now on to education:

I never finished college, barely started, I went after HS got a few credits left cause I rather work, started up again when I met Mike got more credits stopped when we were planning the wedding. So now I registered to local community college to finally finish a degree, nothing major just the Associates but at least it’s a step in the right direction. I went yesterday to register and OMG I was so close to just giving up and leaving LOL I felt like I didn’t belong, everyone was so young and fresh outta HS and here I am..about to be 28+1 in 4 months. I registered got my paperwork in order and got my lovely bill I have to pay by 5/5 and was like arghhh another expense, I mean yeah totally worth it but geez just when I thought hey I can buy a lens, no, gotta pay for school and textbooks, speaking of OMG $127 for 1 class! 1 book! WTH! Ok ok gripe over..I swear!

Now on to weightloss..

I am finally at a # I haven’t been in a long time, I mean a very long time and if it wasn’t for this band I would never have gotten this low on my own. I’ll admit last week was tough cause my last fill really tightened me up, so much so I barely tolerated eggs or anything thicker than pudding. To add to that I read you get even tighter at your time of month, well this weekend I felt like a bird cause everything I ate was regurgitated..So on Sunday I gave up on food and went back to mushies, well I haven’t gotten on scale cause im a bloated mess and so not the time for it, when its gone I’ll get on but either way im headed in the right direction and just glad to finally feel like im getting somewhere with this weight loss journey. And im down another size..Yippee!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Please do go here for a chance to win amazing Blog candy and stay awhile for a truly crafty lady with funny stories and lovely items..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mojo Monday 81

My 1st Mojo Monday entry... here is today's sketch

and my entry...

A birthday card for a dear co-worker/team lead.. I was very much inspired tonight! I'm so proud!

close up

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a Sunday for the dogs..

Fenway slept with us for the 1st time last night. We've tried before but never very successful so we end up putting him back in his room. But last night he & we slept wonderfully I woke up at 7AM walked him and I went back to bed and so did he and he is still snoozing the lazy pup. I guess he is gearing up for what should be an awesome day for him, I'm apart of a Boston Terrier forum, Woof Boards and there is a meet-up at 1:30 in a local dog park I can't wait to see him play with others of his breed, he need others that can keep up with his rowdy self..

So I'm off to get ready, charge the camera as this should be FUN!
I'll post pics later...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mojo juice flowin this Saturday!

I am super proud of myself I made 5 Easter cards for a friend and family!

I started with one and the mojo kept going!!!

Here is a few that I accomplished today!
1st card it gets better..LOL

Most were made using supplies from the April Kit

Friday, April 3, 2009

Buh-bye Lens...

Well last night I did it..I packed up the rented lens and sent back it was very hard to part with.

It took some learning along with mucho trial & error but as for the last shot I think I did pretty well..I loved every shot that was captured with that lens and after I rent and play with 1 more I think I'll be able to make my final decision on my next prime lens..

Last shot b4 packing it up..

I still feel pretty crappy but I went down the 3lbs I gained in the last 3 weeks so that was good.

I made a card for my friends birthday and I have to say this card compared to my 1st ones is like night and day..I guess like with anything practice makes perfect..

I'm so enjoying this weather! I'm like all over the place here aren't I?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st!

What a week and its only Wednesday!!! Fenway had to visit vet yesterday woke up all swollen faced! I still feeling like utter crude..dizzyness and whatnot. Husband was like NOT AVAILABLE the whole weekend, I had to sleep alone Saturday night and that’s the night after seeing “A Haunting in Connecticut” so yeah I was so not the happy camper..

Im here doing some spring cleaning and filing, I haven’t filed since I got back from Surgery in December..whoops.. so yeah I had some organizing to do. We’re being “reorganized” account wise within the CO so I hope I get my same accounts..:crosses fingers:: anywho back to the proverbial grind I suppose.