Sunday, December 21, 2008


SO I am totally loving my new camera!! This is like the best thing since sliced bread! Thank you again babe!!

I feel better these past 2 days, I finally feel like myself again. I can sleep on my tummy quite comfortably and get up from bed with no issues...that helpless tortoise on its shell thing is totally gone LOL

However I must make mention of today, hubs and I went to Stop n Shop and he bought those little mozzarella balls from the prepared foods section. Well I used to be able to eat a quart container of them with no problems. Today I snuck one in and after thoroughly chewing every single bite I was actually satiated. This really is a mind over matter thing for me now. I have to really retrain my head on what I can eat vs. how much I think I can eat.

I started drinking some coffee again so the world is now a much happier place..

Here are some awesome shots i took today..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas came early for this lil girl =)

My hubby brought me a dslr camera! Woohoo! This thing takes amazing pictures..just look at my Fenway! More pics too come!

Sleeping on my tummy again has relieved the tingly/numbness from my legs. What a relief! I feel better, and can’t wait to continue down this lovely road to recovery!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 1 Post Op

I lost 10lbs hooray! They were a painful 10 but hey I don’t care 10 is a 10 lol Everything looks good, doc said I appear to be doing remarkably well. However my only concern is the weird numbness/tingly leg thing. It can be due to vitamin B-12 deficiency or something else. They gave me the go ahead to sleep on my stomach I’m sooo looking forward to that you have no idea! Hopefully with the new sleeping position and vitamins this leg thing will go away.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is it only tuesday?

I slept through the night hallelujah! Its been awhile since I can sleep through which means that maybe I didn’t get enough H2O yesterday.hmm I bumped it up today.
I made I think the best protein smoothie ever!! I was done with the prepackaged shakes, ala Atkins, Slimfast etc The mere smell was getting me nauseated. So I did my own and it was wonderful lower in calories than Atkins and taste hella better!
I also attempted to get in 40mins of “power walking” DVD and felt better.
I feel like time is ticking so slowly, I know I need to recover before heading back to work but being home all day gets daunting when I can’t clean or do errands..=0( At least I get a lot of snuggle time with Fenway.
Tonight is the Biggest Loser finale! I’m excited I hope Heba or Ed win even though I know my hubby harbors some weird animosity towards

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Chapter..

Well after years of setbacks and frustrations luck was on my side Tuesday at 2PM when I received a call that will change my life..

Wednesday December 10, 2008 I had lapband surgery. After years of wanting it, I at last have my tool that will help me finally shed this excess weight I’ve been harboring all my life. Can we say new birthday? LOL

Surgery itself went well I presume since I was in anesthesia la-la land, I did awake pretty fast and saw my hubby! Pain from the surgery itself is minimal, but the weird gas/left shoulder pain was horrible and I wish it upon no one! Today is day 4 and I feel better than yesterday and I hope that this is a trend for the rest of my recovery. I eat so little that it’s now my brain grappling with the notion that my stomach can not consume more than 5oz at a time. OR that a mere ½ a Sugarfree fugiscle can fill me up. Slowly but surely I hope my brain will catch up lol

Today we went for a walk around a park nearby, it was chilly but doable..Fenway frolicked in the playground and even went down a slide LOL

SO here is my 1st post on my way towards the new me..