Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 1 Post Op

I lost 10lbs hooray! They were a painful 10 but hey I don’t care 10 is a 10 lol Everything looks good, doc said I appear to be doing remarkably well. However my only concern is the weird numbness/tingly leg thing. It can be due to vitamin B-12 deficiency or something else. They gave me the go ahead to sleep on my stomach I’m sooo looking forward to that you have no idea! Hopefully with the new sleeping position and vitamins this leg thing will go away.

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Florida Pete said...

Hey Erica!
I have had some leg tingling sensations too. I have had legs problems for a long time so I chaulked it up to that but maybe I should be more concerned about it. I'll have to check into that!

Also a big congrats on losing your first 10 lbs! That is awesome!