Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is it only tuesday?

I slept through the night hallelujah! Its been awhile since I can sleep through which means that maybe I didn’t get enough H2O yesterday.hmm I bumped it up today.
I made I think the best protein smoothie ever!! I was done with the prepackaged shakes, ala Atkins, Slimfast etc The mere smell was getting me nauseated. So I did my own and it was wonderful lower in calories than Atkins and taste hella better!
I also attempted to get in 40mins of “power walking” DVD and felt better.
I feel like time is ticking so slowly, I know I need to recover before heading back to work but being home all day gets daunting when I can’t clean or do errands..=0( At least I get a lot of snuggle time with Fenway.
Tonight is the Biggest Loser finale! I’m excited I hope Heba or Ed win even though I know my hubby harbors some weird animosity towards Heba..lol

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