Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Chapter..

Well after years of setbacks and frustrations luck was on my side Tuesday at 2PM when I received a call that will change my life..

Wednesday December 10, 2008 I had lapband surgery. After years of wanting it, I at last have my tool that will help me finally shed this excess weight I’ve been harboring all my life. Can we say new birthday? LOL

Surgery itself went well I presume since I was in anesthesia la-la land, I did awake pretty fast and saw my hubby! Pain from the surgery itself is minimal, but the weird gas/left shoulder pain was horrible and I wish it upon no one! Today is day 4 and I feel better than yesterday and I hope that this is a trend for the rest of my recovery. I eat so little that it’s now my brain grappling with the notion that my stomach can not consume more than 5oz at a time. OR that a mere ½ a Sugarfree fugiscle can fill me up. Slowly but surely I hope my brain will catch up lol

Today we went for a walk around a park nearby, it was chilly but doable..Fenway frolicked in the playground and even went down a slide LOL

SO here is my 1st post on my way towards the new me..

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