Friday, October 24, 2008

The taming of the Shrew ...

One of my best friends is getting married next of course most brides to be she is a bit nervous and anxious..

Brought me back to my day..I was SOOOO nervous..I kept telling myself to be strong no crying u didn’t just spend $$$ on makeup for it to be ruined lol Sure my mom made me have episodes but I quickly fought them back. However, when I saw my husband in the hotel lobby in his suit looking amazing and calm (the bastard) I lost it..he had the audacity to ask “why was I crying?” Gee im about to spend the rest of my life with you I better be crying! I didn’t know my husband all that well when I said “yes”..we were together for 4 months when he asked with ring and all..didnt see that coming! We didn’t live together till 1 month before the wedding however on our honeymoon we did celebrate our 2 year anniversary so it all pans out lol Ok I went off on a tangent, ok where was I? oh yeah.. Didn’t know my husband all that well when I said “yes” I got to know him I further fell in love if that’s even possible..and now that we are almost together for 3 ½ years I am even more in love since day one..I didn’t think it was possible so love does will I feel when we hit the 5year ..10+ year marks? I cant even fathom .. I can’t wait to start a family, we have part of the equation a dog. A puppy that is the 2nd best thing to happen so far..well he isn’t quite a puppy anymore but he’s still my lil ball of mush..

Thanks babe for coming into my life and taming “me”

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