Friday, October 17, 2008


I feel so blah today..was sick most of the night and now im feeling a lil blahish again.. is blahish a word? Ehhh who cares it will be for now.. =)

Im working on a scrapbook for my mom I hope to complete it by her birthday. I dug up all old pictures I can find of her and us and checked my emails from 2004 and found some long forgotten great shots that I will use. After looking in my hat box of horror (the box with every memento given to me since I was like 12 is in there) My hubby says I need to throw stuff away and I say pish posh im not! Every item brought me back to that time it and was fun to reminisce if only in my head cause im sure the hubs cares less about a petal given to me by an ex oh but he will when he reads this..dam there goes that petal LOL

However I also inherited a lot of silly mementos from my mom way back when and guess what I came across?? My mom’s letter from the doctor when her pregnancy test came back positive with lil ole me December 11 1979 That will make an awesome addition to the book. Im looking forward to starting this project this weekend and hope to be done in 3 weeks…

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