Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Im starting a afraid...

New Blog space so an empty canvas in some west village over priced apartment… I will fill it with, in chronological order I may add.. the idiosyncratic yet juxtaposed with the seemingly monotonous life I lead. Oh yeah people prepare for a whole lot of nothing to you but the best fodder for humor for me 4 ++ years from now!
I re-read my livejournal evey now and again and say OMG WHAT was wrong with you!! Then I think, nothing was wrong.. you were 19 totally ok..

Let me introduce myself, I am me. I am 28, married to the best husband ever albeit he has issues on baseball team of preference… like the Red SUX all star CHOKESTERS =)

I have amazing friends whom without I’d be sitting at my desk banging my head against the keyboard till I forget where I was and hope when I eventually come to its 5PM
For example I shall start with quotes of the day so far I have from J1 at 12:53pm what can be heard is “You showed him how to shake his rump in the trunk with flava!!!! LOL

And out of nowhere M-“ OMG I’m being winked from CA and FL now

This is why I truly heart my friends..

And as you see I started with a canvas and now I end with random quotes..

Welcome to my corner of the world… enjoy your stay…

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