Friday, April 24, 2009

Photojojo love..

This site has so many gadgets I need..err..want. The white balance lens cap? An essential! Don’t need another Easter Sunday debacle searching for a "white" background so I can adjust my white balance..because I refuse to take pictures any other way now! And the wall decal frames..what a better way to decorate without punching holes in my dear landlords walls.

So many items… so little $..LOL

Im enjoying chicken corn soup from Jung sure that’s not how its spelled but that’s how we say it.. OMG my last Jung Lung lunch!

So im inspired to do Julians 1st Birthday card..I have an idea going I even sketched it on a post-it so I wont get home and have lost my I type im putting in my purse cuz I know I’ll forget! And thanks to modern technology I took a pic and will upload in the event I loose said post-it

..and yes my doodle skills are extremely juvenile.. but whatever! It was a quick jot while on phone..

Im leaving at 4pm in approx 2 hrs! I want to start my card! And I think we need to finally add some curtains to the office/craft room..I’ll be researching for those as well..

Ok ta-ta for now! Enjoy your Friday!

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