Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Challenge/Goal!

I have decided that I need a goal. A challenge something to inspire me to finish what I set out to do the day I underwent weight loss surgery. Its been over a year and while I'm glad and ever so thankful for the weight I have lost thus far, I realize I'm much further away from Goal 1. So in my heartburn episode last night at 4am I decided, goal is 30lbs BY my 30th birthday, I'll dub this 30 by 30. That is over 4 months away, averages to 1.5 a week, a very realistic and attainable goal. I wont see it as OMG its 30lbs, nope I just see it as lose at least a lb and some a week and you'll be there. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll be doing updates or monitoring progress, or if I'll be doing photos. They always have inspired me in the past. I'll start this officially on Sunday as my birthday falls on a Sunday this year so I'll be able to hopefully track progress weekly.

So why is it that I decided this last night and did great all day and come night time I become the bottomless pit LOL I seriously just didn't get "full", that can be soo frustrating. So instead of snacking I'm writing as its too dark to take pictures.

Looking forward to everyone sharing some encouragement and support! Share inspiring stories too!


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