Friday, April 23, 2010

Another edition to Fitness Friday...

All week I've had this drive to exercise, I've done something every single day since Monday. Since my hubs wasn't so cooperative to go hit the trail with me I went to the gym that's here in my complex. In doing so, I noticed I work a lot harder when I'm there alone. Mon & Tues I sweated my butt off and actually did interval jogging. Wednesday I did an at home video and yesterday I went with the full intention of doing more jogging less walking but alas that was halted when a man was on the elliptical behind me. I know its stupid but I just couldn't bring myself to jog and let that person witness my jiggly bits going 5MPH LMAO!! So I did 45mins at 3.5-4mph a brisk powerwalk and then I did the elliptical myself for 15 minutes.

Today, I did my personal best, 4.02 miles in 55mins. I did it at home, to a walk away the pounds dvd. One piece of technological equipment anyone trying to lose weight needs (that owns an Ipod Nano or Iphone) is the Nike+ sensor and Nike+ sneakers. This little device has been keeping tabs for me. I love seeing what I burn, especially at this point when I been cheating and getting on the scale every morning and seeing absolutely no change since Sunday..seriously like my weight refuses to budge its like 254 all over again, I was stuck at 254 for months! I mean I didn't do much to get out of it but nonetheless it was stuck there for awhile. I need to get past this 236, I wanna see 22something ASAP. So I hope its just waiting for my big whoosh..I drink water like a mad woman and for the past 2 days I've been monitoring every morsel I put in my mouth just to assure that I'm not going over calories wise. This is my 1st week of putting in 110% effort in exercise, I do hope to see a change on the scale this Sunday. My workout for today below, 716 calories burned and gone foreva!!


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