Sunday, April 18, 2010

30 by 30 {Week 5}

Todays Weight: 236.6

A little late with posts but hey, at least I'm here! Ive had the busiest weeks since week 1 started. Happy to report at week 5 I'm down 4.2lbs! Not bad considering, while the in-laws were here we ate out almost every night and I had milkshakes and crap food galore! This past week we've started walking a trail that is near us, totaling 4miles. Love the feeling of being outdoors and the 1hr walk goes by so quickly. I'm even dabbling in jogging intervals and I love it. I didn't think I'd be too keen on jogging but its very exhilarating and takes your mind off of things and lets you just focus on running and breathing, its kinda like meditation. I'm trying not to over do it so we've taken a break but I do wanna go out there today, its nice and cool. Perfect for a leisurely stroll or jogging like a duck. My husband says I look like a duck when I run, isn't he the BEST!

25.8Lbs to go!!!


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