Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Adornment #1

Fall is offically on its way out the door..the trees are no longer vibrant tones of red and organge, they are dark and reminding us that something pretty is on its way.. SNOW.. Well hopefully not a lot this year, I sincerely loathe the snowy weather, then again the reason why I loathe the snow was because I hate driving in it..hey I have no where to be now..so “LET IT SNOW!!”

This years Holiday d├ęcor will be jewel tones..my tree will have lively tones of blue, purple and fuschia and citrine..I can not wait to get that underway! I did another RVA class project, my Holiday wreath. Im so proud of it, Im not a crafty crafter. My usual craft medium is PAPER crafts, scrapbooking & card making..deleving into this handmade unknown since joining the class was a great experience, yet I have A LOT to learn and develop skill set wise but the experience in itself was awe-inspiring.


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