Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy Rainy Saturday!

Today we went to NY as my in-laws are moving and I wanted to see their new place and my hubbys aunt was having a Tastfully Simple party. I ordered a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t have but…my 1 purchase that I just had to have was “Oh my Chai” was delicious! Ever since I was introduced to it many moons again I searched high and low for an at home mix that would equal the deliciousness of the DD one. I found it! So glad I found it!
In relation to JUST HAD TO HAVE purchases of the day, me on the GWB checking my email from my Iphone when I get an email blast that Project Life was for sale…I got panic stricken LMAO See I wanted the Project 365 Kit so badly and it sold out so fast I was so afraid of them selling out I NEED this kit! LMAO so I’m on the GWB reasoning with myself internally should I ordered something using my cell phone? Like how safe is that? My hubby a network engineer was of course steadfast against me entering CC info but dam I NEEDED this kit I didn’t want a repeat of last year so I said F it! I’m doing it because I knew I would not be near a PC for till NOW 9:30pm. So against his wishes I ordered my Project Life Kit and will be eagerly awaiting its arrival in 8 weeks or so.. For more info check out here if you’re into daily pictures this kit is for you!

Also, life with 2 dogs is proving to be the best decision we made. Yeah its rough having to walk 2 separately as Chloe isn’t walking like Fenway does on a leash but when she is older it’s going to be fun. They appear to be absolutely smitten with each other and like today while we were in NY I dropped off Chloe at my moms, he smelled her and wanted to play with her ASAP. Love my puppies…

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Laura said...

Chloe and Fenway look absolutely adorable. I have a Project 365 that I have most of the pieces for that I'm going to sell for $17 if you want to look at it. lol I think what I'm missing is some of the journaling cards and the date stamper. :)