Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reunited and fell in love all in the same day..

Spent the day with an old and dear friend..Missed the heck out of her! I’ll save the sob story, but she was my original maid of honor then she bailed on me and stopped talking to me, she had her reasons and I don’t hold a grudge. Well we were reunited today and went shopping and had lunch, it was truly awesome to spend your day with someone you’ve been friends with since you were 14. I love my friends now, but nothing can replace the history with someone. I love her and her hubby and I’m glad we are reunited again.. =)
On our trips..we went to Bed Bath and I fell for this quilt.. it is soo lovely and the colors are just so pretty! I am absolutely in love..

Oh and Hello Dear Fall..you were missed.. <3


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Miss Wanderlust said...

oh that bedroom set is GORGEOUS!! I think that you definitely need it :)