Thursday, September 17, 2009


My day did not start out so great, I guess I should provide a back story. In May, I started working at this company who was a customer or mine when I worked for will call it Spiky Electronics. I was working at Spiky since September 2007 as a long term temp, I just got married and needed to be out of NYC to spend time with my husband. So I took this assignment and it was the best job I’ve ever had, I mean I’ve worked at places since I was 17, not once did I ever feel truly happy and comfortable till I meet these wonderful people, even my bosses were the epitome of awesome, so I’m sure your all asking..WHY DID YOU LEAVE!!! Ha well, remember I mentioned it was a long term temp assignment and when the economy went sour the company had to start with cutbacks, and their first was to get rid of all contract employees, and sadly that’s where I fell under. I was given notice that we were going to be let go end of April, so I started looking yet still holding out hopes that a position would open up so I can apply. Well, through the grapevine my former ex boss got wind of my situation and asked me to interview, with the way the job market was I went ahead with the interview. Interview #1, went well they liked me and I had a bad vibe, just this gut feeling that ehh maybe not for me. (In hindsight, WHY DIDN’T I LISTEN TO MY GUT!!!) So I kindly declined offer, long story got a lil shorter, she pursued, made a great offer and I went ahead as I didn’t want to regret an opportunity knowing I was about to be out of a job. Fast forward, present day..I was let go Aug 27, (best thing ever!) but now they look like they are saying things to affect my unemployment benefits, so this way my day didn’t start off so great! I’m not 100% sure of the status, I apparently have to wait, but just knowing that they can be so messed up and interfere with someone getting benefits on such a flailing economy is beyond me, however does put in prospective the caliber of company I worked for. So I am definitely glad to be Free of them and looking forward to better and brighter things! =)

Things to look forward to:

RVA Class- Got some cute things for Chloe’s mini album, will most likely work on tomorrow as hubs will be home late.

Chloe- lil girl puppy we are going to pick out Monday and bring home end of October as she is only 2 weeks old..plenty of pics come Monday evening.

Embracing change, and exercise and a healthy lifestyle..minus hubbys birthday cake snafu.

And new season os awesome shows that my poor DVR can’t keep up with..

Looking forward to life =)


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Laura said...

Hi neighbor =)
I know how it feels to be unemployed! I've been riding the unemployment train for a year and it's been the best year ever lol. Good luck with unemployment... it is such a pain :)
We should craft soon... or go for a walk since we are both home lol