Saturday, September 12, 2009

An official football widow…

My Hubby got his birthday present a few days early, a PS3 and MADDEN I bought him a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen him since =0( He is soo lucky I got my RVA planner today and have been busy assembling what will be the cutest planner I have ever owned! Seriously, if you need a cute and totally customizable planner look no further! The possibilities are endless and you’re only limited by your imagination! I went to a craft store to get felt to make a cover, and went to Home Depot and got the cutest contact paper that goes so well with the cute planner sections Elsie provides. I also got an idea to add behind every month a section for pics, and what pics will fit totally perfect there?? Why a Fuji Intanx mini!!! It will be cute to kinda do a mini version of my project 365, I haven’t taken dailies since May =0( so an Intsanx will make me want to fill that months section with a few pics to always remember that particular month…=) Now to convince the hubs I desperately need this camera..A lil Madden guilt trip will be in order!! LOL I hope to be done with my planner tomorrow, I will post plenty o pics! Hope everyone is having a smashing weekend..its kinda dreary here but I got to wear my Uggs and a hoodie today so I am in heaven!! =)


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