Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DAY 2 on Veggie diet..

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

SO scale went down 1lb! Yippee..I think I did fine, Mike made popcorn chicken for himself for dinner and I wasn’t tempted in the least bit { duh Erica it was also Day 1} I did 18min of exercise walk/job type of video and I did walk at lunch time yesterday and today. Tomorrow I’ll bring my pedometer and see how much im walking exactly, so im slowly trying to incorporate the exercise a lil at a time..

For dinner I made my concoction, tasted fabulous and today I added black beans and corn to my sald with goat cheese and for some “crunch” I threw in a handful of Cheez-its so maybe not the healthiest salad topping but hey it works LOL

Tonight Im thinking sauté spinach with garlic and some sort of bean.

Now off to a raffle and see if im a lucky winner!

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