Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 1 of no meat!

Ok so I’ve decided to try and go meat free aka vegetarian I’m not to eat anything that had a mom.. Im still on the fence on where eggs stand LOL

So day 1, I had goat cheese and mandarin salad..with balsamic vinaigrette.. SOO good! Heres a pic of whats left..

If nothing else happens today this will be my photo of the day lol Dinner I have a black bean & quinoa concoction recipe in my head..

I’ve been bit my the craft bug, not sure if it’s because it’s national craft month or something like that but I want to be creative. I made a card for my cousin’s birthday and im working on a card for my friend and my other friend’s daughter. I’ll repost my cousins card pic when I get home its too cute and I think not to shabby for a 1st timer LOL

I haven’t lost in awhile but I haven’t gained either. Im vowing to cut out harmful foods & meats just for a month lets see how it goes this girly here can not ever have her hubs awesome burgers ever again..

Can’t wait for the grill to be and running again.. ::drool:: wait should be thinking about meat when im trying to give it up?

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