Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hiatus over..I swear

It’s been a while…whoops sorry busy? I’m working insane OT just to get some extra $ to pay off debt and maybe add to our lil ohana. I really want another puppy, a playmate for Fenway. He needs someone to really get him active and playing.. I think a human can only do so much..he needs someone to rough and tumble with..So Hubs and I are in the talks of maybe getting one in May I already done my research with a breeder. So now its just making that final decision.

I finally finished my Florida trip scrapbook..I'm so proud it was my first word book and I think it came out pretty good for a beginner.. you be the judge…

I haven’t given up on my project 365 I just haven’t been keeping up with it! But I vow to fix January and really push to do it for February..January is almost there I need to blog and get the pictures set but I NEED PS! {that last comment was for the hubs LOL}

So here is my latest Fenway work of art NO PS pure talent or luck LOL

And drum roll please I am down 20lbs since the start of my proud! 20lbs in less that 2 months is pretty great I hope I can keep this pace..

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