Thursday, February 26, 2009

Relating to zoloft commercials

I feel like the lil blob..

I was made painfully aware that I am 90% sure I am losing my job as of March 31st..

This news comes at a bad time for me (us) we have just too much going on right now. Plus I’m like totally personally invested in this place..I actually LIKE my job..can you imagine someone loving going to work and working 50+hrs a week without so much of a complaint?!? Getting along with bosses..dare I say even liking them..Ughh I feel crappy and I’m soo not a debby downer but I am totally feeling the effects and I can’t turn to old faithful food for support. I’m so happy I have my band or I’d be in big trouble...right away I wanted to hit the vending machine after the news..but then I realized I was still stuffed from it’s saving my life in more ways than one..

Ok I think I just needed to vent....

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