Sunday, August 23, 2009

Im back...

I haven’t blogged in like forever, I have very good reason!! I was going to school and work is... well…not as great as I had hoped when I started in May. We have a lot going on in our lives right now, lots of changes and progress. I’ve also felt the urge to do creative things, express myself and push myself to limits. To test myself and abilities..I’ve joined an online crafting class; I really can’t wait for it to start. I want to see what awesome & cute things I can create. My handmade cards for everyone’s birthday have really been gratifying I had no idea everyone would enjoy them as much as they have.
With my new found crafting kick the pants I needed Mike & I have reorganized the office and I have a dedicated craft is currently pretty baron but I do want t to fill it with awesome finds. I currently am desperately seeking a old library card catalog/apothecary cabinet. A place for all my brads and knick knacks. I did find an awesome one from Yale University’s Library, however it way more than I’d like to spend. Then there is this unique and absolutely fabulous antique Chinese one that’s beyond my means but a girl can be inspired!! =)

Just bask in the awesomeness!! The blue is sooo cute!!

My goals this year is learn new mediums, I want to learn embroidery, and crocheting and just be as creative as possible. I told mike I want to make all our present for the holidays this year handmade and he just gave me a funny look. I really do want to make as many as we can..if they love my cards so much then they’ll love my presents right? (I hope) LOL

SO here I am back to blogging and hopefully stay powered..

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