Sunday, August 30, 2009

well hello Change..nice to see you...

What a interesting week..Well I start my week off officially unemployed. I was “let go“ Thursday afternoon and I’m happy to say I am not the least bit bothered or upset. I haven’t been 100% honest on blogs since I started there in May. This job was not what I had hoped. I mean it had its good moments but as time passed those good moments were far and few in-between. I was having daily migraines and just general sky rocketed stress levels and for what? Sure I’ll miss the income but my health and most importantly happiness is not something I want to gamble with. Monday’s events of just utter unprofessional ism and immature actions by a “co-worker” really through me over the edge. So Thursday came as a sweet relief to the drama I’ve been enduring since May. Onward to more changes in our lives and to a brighter and better future!
To fill up the time I enrolled in an online crafting class that will force me to explore my options and work with different mediums and I’m very excited to start! Especially since I have all the time in the world to work on these projects. Also I can focus back on my weight loss..and overall health. So I welcome the autumn changes with open arms and I’m glad that we will definitely be in a better place!!


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