Friday, August 27, 2010


Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights...

I haven’t blogged in like forever..what’s even worse I haven’t read any blogs in like forever! I’m out of the loop completely! I guess my life has done a 180 since I last blogged…

I’ll try and catch up as best as I can. GA did not work out for the hubs & I as much as it pained me to pay to move back I know it was for the best. Hubs wasn’t truly happy there and lack of work didn’t help the situation either. We originally planned to visit 4thof July weekend and before we left he looked at the job market in NY area and applied to a position I found for him. 2 days in NY he got the interview and a couple days after that got the job! His new position excited me! He works for thee crafty maven herself! Yeah I know, my hubs gets to see her craft room and I just drool with envy! SO with job found we had to pack up our apt in GA and move it to a storage place till we decide where to live. I moved back in a weekend..flew down on a Saturday drove back up in a U-Haul Sunday night. I can’t believe we accomplished this..just me, hubs and my brave step-brother.
Then we dealt with the issue, buy vs rent. We wanted to buy, it’s a buyers market now right? Lol Well we didn’t like anything that we currently could afford, and I didn’t want to push back me going to school. So I called my realtor and asked her to find us a rental instead. Just like our apt in Lodi, didn’t take much looking. She said she knows of a perfect place, not even on the market yet. We went and of course I fell in love. It’s an old Victorian home converted into a 2 family home. We get the 1st floor, it has French doors everywhere, open floor plan and office space and of course yard for my pups. We move in September…a ways away but this place is worth the wait.

The current tenants daughter..she does not
come with the apt I already asked lol

The landlord is a dream much like our last one…and he is into photography. Can not get any better!

I’m excited for our new adventures to come in the new place..

So that’s the homefront….
Now onto me my personal goals..I didn’t quite make it to 210 :/ I was 9lbs shy away on my 30th Birthday. But I can’t believe I’m the lowest weight I’ve ever been in my adult life so hooray for that! I’m also changing careers completely! I’ve always had a pull towards medical field..but I was comfy in accounting duties and was paid well for someone who didn’t have a college degree. But being unemployed for a year really puts things into prospective, I absolutely hated what I did..I went to just earn money. I refused to go back to that. So with my hubs support, I’m going back to school for nursing. Well I want to, it is apparently a very competitive field and getting into a nursing program in NJ is extremely competitive. I’m taking all prerequisite classes this fall and spring so when the program starts next fall I can focus solely on those courses.
So in a long nutshell that is what is happening…many changes made and many more to come... ;)


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