Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fears realized..

This isn’t an easy subject for me to write about. I’m sure it wouldn’t be an easy topic for anyone really. Well after about a year of trying we haven’t added to our family a non-fur addition. On my 30th birthday I came to terms that maybe something needs to be investigated. Went to my doctor and had some test done and she recommended I seek out a fertility specialist. I was in my car and in utter shock. I mean, I guess I assume something was wrong but I didn’t think I’d need professional intervention. So I made an appt with the specialist, and I supposed we shall see what lies ahead for us. I really want a child, I want to be a mommy, and I know my husband would be a great daddy. (I mean just look at our amazing furbabies! Lol)
We move into our new place end of month, and I start school next week.

And I decided I needed a I chopped off and darkened my hair..

Dear Fall bring us lost of luck! :) We sure do need it..


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