Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good day..

The weather was just delightful! I took the pups out for a walk, well Chloe half a walk cause she really didn't like the hand me down harness LOL she'll grow into it! I came to drop her off and get a real walk/workout with Fenway we did 2 miles he loved it! It was just a little chilly, I'll take this weather for January any day! Is this what it'll be like in Georgia? Wonderful weather year round? =) {1 month and 6 days till we move!}

I'm trying to exercise more..I'm gonna try to incorporate a lil something everyday.

wish me luck!


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ashleyrwatts said...

Coming from GA (northwest GA - close to the TN state line lol), I'm here to tell you that usually we have HOT summers and winters with no snow :( haha! This year, everything has been a little sporadic though weather-wise, lol.

Over all, though, I really can't complain! I love GA weather! :D

Whereabouts are you going to be living in GA?