Friday, January 15, 2010

my photo of the day outtakes..

I vowed this time around that if i want to shoot an "object" I'm gonna try my best to make it a great shot! So books and what nots will be set up a la photo shoot style..I get the urge out of no where, the randomness of it all appeals to me.

Which brings me to today, I'll set up my Friday photo and why, walking from bathroom to room I see a nice bright glimmer across the floor..this inspired me to open the curtain expand that excellent natural lighting, get on the floor and take a picture of my 2009 project 365 book. I got a great shot that will appear on my project life blog, Tuesday.

These photos are the outtakes from today. With 2 dogs, Bostons to be exact you can't really EVER go on the floor cause to them that's play time! So I had two "inspectors" invade my they are.


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