Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day+Up early=Productivity

Due to my apartment being as clean as possible for prospective new tenant visits, I found myself with nothing to do today and up extra early. So I finished up my journaling and arranged my Project Life book. I’m still going to hold off on pictures as I want have them printed with a matte finish and the quality at home isn’t the greatest. I got 200 prints for $20 when Shutterfly had a sale, so every month I’ll print the previous month. This is great because I’ll at least have a solid month to organize the book if I do not do it on a daily/weekly basis. Photographs however have been daily and I’m so loving it! For instance last night I was watching Twilight and walked Chloe at 1am, the sky was white with the pending snow and it just looked amazing with the branches I had to go back out there with my camera! So my inspiration came from twilight! I don’t think I’ll have many opportunities like that in GA; people in our complex may peg me for the strange northern girl and her camera.

Moving is on schedule! February 24th the truck comes to whisk away our belongings and then head for their 850+ mile journey to our new temporary residence. I cannot wait to officially go house hunting! Finding our forever home is going to be quite the experience. I believe the hubs will get a fantastic job relatively soon, keeping my fingers crossed.

Here is my twilight inspired photo!


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