Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Flowers!

* Photo was emailed to me, source unkown

Happy cause it's Friday and Hubs gets home early..

Happy cause the bench I ordered for guest room on a ridiculous sale got here earlier than expected.

Happy cause I feel muscles in my legs due to some squats I did yesterday..

Happy cause I found out in-laws are throwing us a lil going away party..

Happy cause my POTD for yesterday came out nicer than I expected, I am my harshest critic..

{yes its of my at home exercise equipment, but these little guys can do some damage}

Happy cause I am really sticking with some goals, eating as best as I can and exercising and lastly cause I'm actually taking a picture a day!


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Lisa loves knitting said...

hahah those pugs are hilarious