Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30 by 30 {week 7}

Dear Me,

Please focus and get back on Track!


Me :)

I've been bad, totally flew off the wagon all last week and this weekend. I kinda did not want to bother getting on the scale for fear that my so close I can taste it 220's where snatched away LOL So I decided, Monday I will start fresh, clean slate. Yeah, that was yesterday and I started off well and didn't end well. I know I'm in a depression funk, I feel it, I see it..I'm trying my best to snap out of it. I'm admitting it so I guess I'm on the road to coming back..right? I woke up this morning feeling so funky..by morning I mean almost 12pm. When I replayed my day Monday I was like..serious Erica WTF is wrong with you! I literally woke up and parked in on the couch all day, even napped here and there. Nothing like feeling like a slub to make you refocus!

My C25K has been put on hold, my knees have been bothering me. I'm afraid of hurting myself cause we don't have insurance yet, so I'm taking it easy with the running. Today I focused on strength training. I'm starting to see some definition under the flab, so I'll focus on toning whatever is hiding underneath. It's quite exciting! I was so shocked when I was cleaning my face the other day I noticed a neck and collar bones. I did not know I had them..never saw them before.

Neck bones is the new motivation! LOL


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