Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm sorry your mad at me tum-tum!

I only say that because due to the fact I was a week late with my, girl cycle, I had no will power Day 1 so I ate pretty much whatever was in sight. Crackers cookies etc etc..I tried a triple chocolate cake but my tummy rejected after 2 bites..whew..lol That's what I love about the lap band, I cant ever really over indulge or I'll have no recourse but to slime it back up..not pretty. So here we are day 2 12:30pm and cant even get down 2 spoonful of cottage cheese. My tummy feels full and I'm getting that stuck feeling. I apologize for eating those carbs yesterday...no wonder I feel so blah sluggish today. I will exercise even if its for 20 mins today!

In essence, no matter how good we try to be, life happens. I will not be disappointed and continue a cycle of eating the wrong foods again today. I will start my day right and pick up where I left off. In hindsight, those crackers and cookies really were not worth it. Although the dark chocolate hazelnut bar was..hee hee hee


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