Friday, May 7, 2010

Fitness did not make it to my Friday..

I started C25K yesterday, well I ended up doing my best version I could remember as the podcast I downloaded didn't make it to my I was timing my 2min jogs. I did pretty well with that aspect, but then with eating UGH!! My TOM needs to end ASAP, at night I turn into the bottomless pit monster and nothing satiates me. I'm afraid to go on scale I feel swollen and bloaty and just plain ole UGH! Today is last day, as I feel my willpower come back LOL So I began today with a healthy smoothie, had my cottage cheese lunch and making a healthy version of Beefaroni for dinner. On top of TOM, there is some added stress around here so Its a miracle I haven't made a giant Red Velvet cake and devoured what I could..LOL

As my special treat I got Yoplait vanilla Whips..OMG it taste like a vanilla milkshake. I tossed one in the freezer to see if it'll magically turn into vanilla ice cream LMAO I need comfort food, but I need to learn not to rely on food for comfort. I think I'll go hug my puppies a lil extra today LOL

Its supposed to be really nice weather wise this weekend. I need to go take pictures or do something creative, after my W1D2 C25K workout! :)


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