Monday, May 24, 2010

30 by 30 {week 9}

Todays Weight: 229.8 thats a total lose of 11lbs..gone for good!

Hello 220’s fancy meeting you here! I cannot believe I am in 220’s! Like 229 is a number I would have never thought I’d see. I guess when you over 300lbs 229 is something you deem as unattainable. But I did it, it may have taken me longer than I would have wanted but I’m here. I’ve had some very trying and stressful weeks, and I’m sure more ahead. I just cannot lose sight of what my goal get fit.
So with 2 months and a couple of weeks to go I am 19lbs closer to my goal! I now realize I have to step up my game..I’ve only lost 11lbs in 2 months. I need 19 in the same amount of time. However, slow and steady wins the race…right?


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